Leigh Community Preschool is a ‘one of a kind’ non for profit community run preschool catering for children aged 6 months to 5 years. Located in beautiful Leigh, we have a strong connection to our local school, community and natural environment. We offer a play based learning programme which fosters our children’s independence and allows them to grow and learn in their own unique and individual way. Our children are nurtured by a highly qualified and experienced teaching team who are committed to quality teaching, learning and fun!

We have a wonderful, welcoming preschool so drop by and visit at 5 Seatoun Ave in Leigh.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Leigh Preschool Teaching Team Phiolsophy

Our teaching team philosophy:

We value our caring, whanau environment, that promotes strong, mutual, relationships with parents and caregivers within our community. We support successful transitions for children as they move within the centre and then on to School. We embrace biculturalism and use Te Reo and Kapa Haka to share this precious treasure with our children.

We cherish the ‘value of free play’ as a means of allowing children to select the activities that interest them currently, which empowers development of their own working theories. To support the learning within this philosophy teachers support children’s learning by supporting them in their play by encouraging them to problem solve, use positive social interaction, and consider questions which promote critical thinking.

We encourage children to develop life skills which enhance their sense of wellbeing and belonging within our centre. Our environment encourages children to explore and develop their creativity through art, dance, music and drama. We respect that all children are unique and that they learn, communicate and contribute in their own ways. We provide a supportive framework which helps to build children’s sense of independence, experience success and meet parent aspirations for their development.

All Children are encouraged to interact positively with their peers and teachers, by providing frequent opportunities for children to nurture each other in our mixed aged setting. This allows siblings to interact favourably, older children to mentor and younger children to feel welcome in our whanau setting.

 Within our curriculum we promote children to use their bodies and increase their perceptual motor skills such as crawling, climbing, balancing, dancing, jumping, running etc before children can master the more complex fine motor skills such as reading and writing.

We value the concept of children spending quality time with their own family and whanau therefore our hours are tailored to suit the challenges children face in a setting where they have to interact with increased numbers of adults and children than in a home setting. We support this vital social framework by implementing primary care giving with our babies and toddlers and promoting the importance of maintaining a consistent, experienced, stable team of caring and loving teachers.

We have been referred to as

“The Auntys”   and that’s fine by us -

lets hope that doesn’t become  “The Nana’s”

Leigh Community Preschool is proudly supported by our community
Always looking for volunteers.


We value your feedback and hope you will offer it to us frequently so that we can share the most successful preschool experience for both you and your children.

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